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About Northwest

Northwest is a PK/EC through 5th grade school that serves approximately 275 students. In the spirit of children first, our vision is for Northwest teachers, staff, administrators, and parents to work together to create a safe, engaging learning community that enables all students to learn to their fullest potential.
At Northwest, you will find a gold circle of quality PreK programs, an incredibly supportive and collaborative staff, and a child-centered approach to education that instills joy and enthusiasm in each student.
Northwest School is focused on making connections in the classroom and helping students succeed. Strong relationships between students and their teachers is at the heart of everything we do. Teachers get to know each student, understand who they are and what interests them, and guide them forward in their learning. Students at Northwest participate in a variety of opportunities including club as. We also have a structured learning program, a peer buddies program, and self-contained special education classrooms focused on connecting and supporting learning. Our fifth graders develop leadership skills by volunteering and training to become a peer buddy or providing support to K-grade 2 classrooms during lunch and recess. Reading buddies also allows students to connect with each other across grade levels, developing strong friendships based on fun activities. At Northwest, we know iIt takes a village to raise a child and we work with our community to provide an excellent educational experience!