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District to celebrate Kindness Day each year

September 26 is officially Kindness Day in Evergreen Park School District 124.
The Board of Education approved the annual celebration during its Oct. 16 meeting, when Southeast School fifth-grade student Kyle Croft presented the idea as a way to remember a former classmate.
Croft spoke to the Board and community about his desire to honor Alan J. Reyes-Landeweer each year on his birthday. He came up with the idea following a Memorial Bench Dedication at Southeast School, when he asked Principal Tim Sheldon if the school could celebrate his friend each year on Sept. 26.
The Board and District are now taking the thought one step further, establishing an official Kindness Day at all five schools moving forward. On this day, students will discuss what kindness means to them, work on projects dealing with kindness, complete service projects, or find other ways to spread kindness in honor of Alan J. Reyes-Landeweer.
Kyle at podium
Kyle and Kim Leonard
Kyle and Reyes family