Northwest Elementary School


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D124 Retirees, longtime employees honored


Sherrie Sabbath, Central, (21 Years of Service)
Christine Dewey, Southeast, (22 Years of Service)
Deborah Weston, Central, (22 Years of Service)
Victor Blake, Central, (33 Years of Service)
Donna Hann, Northwest, (34 Years of Service)
Sandra Bradley, Southwest , (36 Years of Service)

30 Years
Lori Doyle, Southwest
Faye Lack, Northwest

25 Years
Cynthia Haase,Southeast
Lisa Reed, Southeast
Jill Szkapiak, Southwest

20 Years
Catherine Costello, Southeast
Donna Mulrenin, Northwest
Margaret Senf, CMS/Food Service

15 Years
Lisa Banos-Cruz, Central
Sheila Brew, Southwest
Gina Forlenza, Southeast
Gregory Geyer, Central
Marcelline Greune, Central
Emily O’Leary, Southeast
John Portala, Central
Mark Reiner, Central
Lisa Schleyer, Northeast

10 Years
Kim Welcome, Extended Day

5 Years
Elia Alexander, Northeast
Michelle Carmody, Northeast
Christina Flores, Northwest
Tracey Gleason, Southeast
Timothy Hanenburg, Central
Jillian Heinrich, Northeast
James Hennessy, Maintenance
Roxanne Jennings, District
Matt Kellett, Technology
Tim Kostecki, Business Ofice
Paola Polasek, Central
Julianne Sheehy, Northeast
James Wrage, Central/Custodian